Spoken Word Poetry

What makes the difference between poetry and a song? Are all songs poems?  Are all poems songs?

Spoken Word Poetry focuses on the artistry of words.  It is a delightful dual between freedom and discipline.  Spoken Word is an oral performance that lifts a poem off the page through voice, intonation, body language, facial expression, and emotion.   

I have been a poet since I was first able to scribble down cohesive phrases, with my earliest works dating as far back as grade three.  Writing poetry has been a fantastic forum for expression and has become a cherished outlet.  


Click on a few of my original poems to hear some Spoken Word!

(Recording done at LYX Studio in Turner Valley, AB, www.lyxstudio.com.)

The Dash - Julia Roar
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Sunshine In My Pocket - Julia Roar
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Banyan Dad - Julia Roar
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Walls Of Glass - Julia Roar
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Winter Morning - Julia Roar
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Hooray For Growing Older - Julia Roar
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