I am a singer/ songwriter/ poet who lives in Okotoks, Alberta. I love to sing!  I have always enjoyed singing.  My  fondest memories as a child involve music.  My father would often sing while driving, everything from traditional folk to opera.  We attended musicals and live theatre, and I really have my parents to thank for cultivating in me a deep appreciation for the majestic nature of sound.  From the time I was a little girl to recent years soothing my children to sleep, music has been interwoven throughout my life as a source of comfort and joy.  


I find happiness in singing, even though I will admit to still being fairly nervous in the public realm (will that ever go away?).  Performing has been great practice at overcoming fear and stepping out in faith.  It has been an enjoyable challenge.  I am thrilled that at the age of 41, I can model healthy risk-taking to my children.  One is never too old to start something new! 


Connecting with the audience is important to me.  I look forward to sharing a little about who I am through both song and spoken word poetry.  I am fascinated by the human condition - each one of us is unique and yet we have so much in common.  Music is a powerful tool: it can calm, provoke, anger, comfort, uplift, energize and encourage.  I am privileged to be able to share in the soulful "language" and artistry of song.


I would like to thank my wonderful husband and two beautiful children for their generous support throughout this musical adventure.  They are an incredible blessing. 

"The LORD is my strength and my song" (Exodus 15:2).  He is the reason I sing.


Recording done @Lyxstudio3, www.lyxstudio.com.

Photography by @ella.michel.photio, www.ellamichel.com 

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